Welcome to Our Guam Manta Database

Enjoy meeting Guam’s resident manta population!

ID Key

MA= Manta alfredii

GU= Guam

M/F= Male or Female

J= Juvenile

#= Individual ID Number

Dottie- MA-GU-F1218

Brianna- MA-GU-F-1334

FlyBoy- MA-GU-M-1514

Diamond- MA-GU-F-1002

Bali- MA-GU-F-1333

Bow- MA-GU-M-1331

Brett- MA-GU-M-1336

Bridger- MA-GU-F-1337

Carlos- MA-GU-M-1338

Chaser- MA-GU-M-1203

Bleeker - MA-GU-M-1222

DoubleTime- MA-GU-M-1215

BB- MA-GU-M-1005

Ali- MA-GU-F1333

Princess- MA-GU-F1208

Hanna- MA-GU-F1110

Heartfelt- MA-GU-F-1003

Hurao- MA-GU-JM-4271

Jenny- MA-GU-F-1322

JJ- MA-GU-M-1328

Kalos- MA-GU-F-1207

Little Roo- MA-GU-JF-61016

Lucky- MA-GU-F-1111

Mark3- MA-GU-M-1006

Mickea- MA-GU-M-1109

Mike- MA-GU-M-1010

007- MA-GU-M-1212

Paiger- MA-GU-F1213

Paula- MA-GU-F-1032

Peaches- MA-GU-F1323

Petals- MA-GU-F-1232

RyRy- MA-GU-F-1221

Spot- MA-GU-M-1340

Streaker- MA-GU-M-1235

Sweet Samantha- MA-GU-F-1216

Sweet Caroline- MA-GU-F-1344

Tash- MA-GU-F-1706

The Force- MA-GU-M-1241

Tough Guy- MA-GU-M-1326

Tressa- MA-GU-F-1339

Trey- MA-GU-M-1329

Trip- MA-GU-M-1214

Victoria- MA-GU-F-1117

Adopt A Manta

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Tara- MA-GU-F-1126

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