Welcome to Our Pohnpei Manta Database

Enjoy meeting Pohnpei’s resident manta population!

ID Key

MA= Manta alfredii

Poh= Pohnpei 

M/F= Male or Female

J= Juvenile

#= Individual ID Number

Flicker- Poh- MA- F2014

Brit- Poh- MA-F2015

Butterfly- Poh-MA- F2016

Darcie- Poh-MA-F2017

Terra- Poh-MA-F2018

Italia- Poh-MA-F2019

Guamie- Poh-MA-F2020

Tina- Poh-MA-F2021


Kanga- Poh-MA-F2023

Angelica- Poh-MA-F2024

Eye- Poh-MA-F2025

Viv- Poh-MA-F2026

Quotes- Poh-MA-F2027

Tipper- Poh-MA-F2028

Ace- Poh-MA-F2029

Vanessa- Poh-MA-F2030

Blackie- Poh-MA-2031

Rabbit- Poh-MA-F2032

Tripple- Poh-MA-F2033

River- Poh-MA-F2034

Dancer- Poh-MA-F2035

Brut- Poh-MA-M2001

Volken- Poh-MA-M2002

Whistler- Poh-MA-M2003

Spok- Poh-MA-M2004

Angelo- Poh-MA-M2005

Panther- Poh-MA-M2006

Masters- Poh-MA-M2007

Singu- Poh-MA-M2008

Flyer- Poh-MA-JM2009

Lieutenant- Poh-MA-2010

Von- Poh-MA-M2011

QT- Poh-MA-JM2012

Idechong- Poh-MA-F2036

Roza- Poh-MA-M2013

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