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Women in Science (and Vince)

Every decision I’ve made since rediscovering my love for the ocean has shaped my life in such a profound way, but my decision to move back to Guam is the one that started it all. My decision to agree to an interview with Julie and MCC’s ambassador is where my...

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SeaLife Adventures Yap 2017

In June, I was fortunate enough to help run a marine biology camp in Yap for MCC. I had been to Yap before on a dive trip, but I knew this would be a much more profound experience.  The goal of this camp was to educate kids about the ocean and the animals that call it...

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Manta Mania 2017

Yap. Three little letters, one vowel two consonants and rolls off the tongue. Diving there had been on my bucket list for years, much like playing with mantas was a heartfelt desire. I should backtrack a bit. I have jokingly called mantas my “Sea Yeti” for...

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The Truth About Sharks

“You’re told your whole life since you were a kid: ‘Sharks are dangerous.’ You’re warned not to go adventuring too far out into the ocean, but then finally… you see the thing you were taught your whole life to fear, and it’s...

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Taking the Plunge

Many people are often afraid of the ocean, rightfully so at times. The strong waves and currents can be ominous but if we are able to look past that we can see how wonderful it can actually be. How harmonious and in sync all the creatures are with their complex...

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Revere, Not Fear

I remember the first time I ever watched Jaws. I was much too young for it, and for weeks afterwards I couldn’t even handle the thought of getting in a bathtub without fear of a giant shark eating me whole. Since the time Jaws premiered in theaters, the media has...

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The Most Magical Swim

I walked along the beach with heavy eyes as the sun started to peek over the horizon, creating an illusion with its rays as it made the once blue water a mixture of pink and orange. I slowly made my way onto the cold morning shores and immediately began to shiver. I...

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Yap Intern Report : Jennifer Weir

Mogethin! My journey began on June 14th, boarding the plane for Yap Proper a small island that is part of the Federated States of Micronesia. I am the first of hopefully many interns that will be giving their time and knowledge to this island and their beautiful blue...

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Marine Mixer

Back in January we had our wonderful Launch Party and Fundraiser at the Sea Grill restaurant. It was planned with great care, trying to anticipate everything. The decorations were ocean inspired and hung by our own manta team and board members. The music was played by...

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Out In The Field Report

Out in the Field Report #oitfr As I’m sitting here in the Pohnpei airport ready to return home to Guam, my emotions are running high. It is difficult to constantly be in motion, transitioning from one life, one place, to another. I become a part of the communities...

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Why I Get Up In The Morning – Manta Research Report

Getting up early in the morning has never been one of my favorite things to do. Especially when it's way before sunrise and the bed still feels warm and cozy. I get dressed, turn on the coffee machine, pack my snorkel gear and camera and try and wake up on the ride...

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Marine Team Report

"Breathe. You’ll do great,” I said to myself as I anxiously waited to present MCC’s Pelagic Sharks Project to more than 100 pairs of eyes and ears at our first annual launch party. “You get to talk about something you love – sharks! Let your passion for the ocean fuel...

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