Yap, Federated States of Micronesia

Yap & the Ocean

Yap is famous for its pristine reefs and abundance of marine life, both of which contribute to a thriving tourism industry. Scuba diving is a large source of income, with divers traveling from around the world to see the available manta rays, sharks and unique sea critters found in Yap’s waters.

Yap & Mantas

Yap currently has a very healthy and consistent manta population, which has led to a thriving manta scuba diving industry. Learn more about Yap’s culture and diving industry by clicking below

Yap & Research

Yap is currently a research site for the Manta Trust, an organization studying manta populations, biology and conservation strategies.  Learn more about Manta Trust by clicking below

Yap & MCC

MCC works closely with the Manta Trust to support Manta Mania, an annual festival offering citizen science opportunities to the public.  Learn more about Manta Mania and how you can participate by clicking below 

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