Micronesian Conservation Coalition School Presentations

MCC offers 45 minute marine biology presentations covering various topics (see schedule below). Our purpose is to reach out to the high schools of Guam in order to educate students about marine life and how human activity influences our oceans.

Mondays and Wednesdays

12 PM

Southern High

Simon Sanchez

Notre Dame


Mondays and Wednesdays


George Washington

John F Kennedy

Guam High


Father Duenas


September- Coral Reef Degradation & Climate Change

This topic focuses on the degradation of coral reefs due to the inevitable effects of climate change and human activity


November- Conserving the Food Fishes of the Mariana Islands

This topic focuses on fish identification, fishing practices, and ways residents and tourists can influence fish populations


Topics for 2020 TBA

Want to sign your classroom or school up for a presentation? Simply fill out the form below and submit and our education team will coordinate with you!

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