In late 2016, MCC launched the Shark Project. This project aims to study Guam’s shark populations, gauge community attitudes towards sharks, and initiate changes in Guam’s laws concerning sharks. Click below to find out more about our Guam Shark Project!

Manta Rays

The Manta Project has been surveying Guam’s reef manta population in an effort to id individual manta rays and keep track of their health and behavior. This project is in conjuction with Julie Hartup’s masters thesis, which is studying the relationship between Guam’s fish spawning groups and manta ray activity. Click below to learn more about Guam’s manta rays! 

FISSH Project

The FISSH (Fish Identification Spawning Surveys Habitat Project), funded through NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service’s Marine Education Training Mini-Grant Program, aims to assesss fish populations and spawning sites through Guam’s waters.

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