Manta Mania 2020

Stay tuned for info on this future event

Accomodations provided by the luxurious Manta Ray Bay Resort in Yap, Micronesia. Scuba diving excursions conveniently arranged through Yap Divers, based out of the Manta Ray Bay Resort. Visit their websites to find out more about the Resort and Yap Divers by following the links below:

MRB Resort:

Yap Divers:

Enjoy a cold glass of beer made from our own micro-brewery

Enjoy Yap's world-class diving

Learn from field experts about research and technology

Meet scientists and enthusiasts from around the world

Get up close and personal with Yap's manta rays, like Bridget

Dive with the experts to become a citizen scientist


Diving- Experience world-class diving through Yap Divers, including the many Manta Ray mating sites, sightings of the beautiful mandarin fish, and plenty of sharks!

Research & Presentations- Learn about manta and shark research from scientists and participate in hands-on field research alongside them!

Culture & Hospitality- Experience Yapese culture through village visits, cultural displays, and eco-tours. Enjoy Yapese hospitality with a daily breakfast buffet and beachside bbqs with the team.

Image by Brad Holland

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