Make Your Voice Heard

Talk to your representatives. Let your government or leaders know that you value the ocean as a ecological and economical resource, and ask for laws to protect it or its creatures

Office of the Governor of Guam

Ricardo J. Bordallo Governor’s Complex
Adelup, Guam 96910

Tel: +1-671-472-8931, +1-671-472-8936
Fax: +1-671-477-4826

Be A Responsible Fisherman

  • Fish sustainably, and avoid areas that are overfished.
  • Avoid scuba spear-fishing and never intentionally catch sharks or rays.
  • If you see or know someone who catches sharks/rays, let them know that they are currently an unsustainable resource.
  • Remember to pick up all your gear and to never dump gear overboard.
  • Learn about sustainable fishing in your community; know what fish to catch and which to avoid, as well as what sizes and amounts you should catch.

Be A Responsible Ocean Visitor

When snorkeling, fishing, diving or spending time on the beach, respect the environment


NEVER feed wild fish. Feeding fish contributes to unnatural behaviors and can be harmful to people, as more aggressive fish such as barracuda or sharks can begin to associate human activity with feeding.

Do not dump trash or chemicals, and if you see trash in the ocean, pick it up (carefully). 

Respect wildlife by looking, not touching, and avoid removing wildlife from its habitat for pictures or harassment. If you see tourists or people disrespecting the environment, speak up. 

Avoid stepping on corals. Stepping on or touching them can easily kill reefs. Speak up if you see tourists standing on corals and make sure they know to “Stand on Sand”

Support Marine Protected Areas

Green Your Commute

When possible, walk, bike or carpool to work, run errands or visit friends.  Finding a greener way to get to our destinations can save us money, help our planet and encourage healthier habits 

Eat Sustainably

Reduce your meat consumption and avoid processed meat; Industrialized agriculture contributes to massive amounts of air pollution, land erosion and degradation, energy use, deforestation and a decline in local biodiversity of plants and animals. Designate a few meals a week to be “meat-free”, and when you do eat meat or fish, eat locally only. 

Recycle & Compost

Guam has multiple FREE sites for recycling: Visit to learn more about composting and supporting local agriculture on Guam!

Be A Good Pet Owner

Unwanted pets and pets that are not properly spayed or neutered contribute to environmental issues on Guam and worldwide. Pets that are released into the wild or allowed to roam freely can contribute to the introduction of invasive. If you need to release a pet, donate them to a responsible aquarium, zoo or owner

Live Waste-Free

Use reusable bags and food containers for groceries and eating out. Reduce your soda intake and use a reusable water bottle instead of buying packs of water. When you do buy plastic products, buy ones that are recyclable and be sure to dispose of them in appropriate recycling bins. 

Use Eco-Friendly Products

Some sunscreens release toxins that are harmful to coral reefs. You can find zinc-based sunscreens which are non-harmful to the ocean.You can find “reef safe” sunscreens at the following locations on Guam:

Axe Murderer Dive Shop

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